Cargo Hours, Rates & Policies

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Weather Delays
Weather can cause disruptions in our operation and there are times when shipments will be delayed. After weather delays occur, we will do our best to move the shipment as quickly and safely as possible. The loading prioritization will be followed as we catch up after weather delays.

Valid Government Identification Required
At the time of acceptance, a Company Team Member must collect and verify valid government identification from the individual tendering the shipment. (Expired IDs and photocopies of an ID are not accepted)

Letter 0-1 LBS1-50 LBS51-100 LBS
Flat Rate$15.00$50.00$100.00

Puffin Express rates are the same in each direction.
Puffin Express max size total 90”
No single dimension more than 70”
Taxes are included in the flat rate.

PRIORITYPrice per poundPrice per pound
From AnchorageTo Anchorage
Cold Bay$2.58$1.47
Dutch Harbor$2.94$1.66
King Salmon$1.57$1.18
Sand Point$2.28$1.47

Federal Excise Tax of 6.25% will be charged.                                                                          
Priority Minimum $56 + Tax*
No shipment will be accepted over 100 LBS.

STANDARDPrice per poundPrice per pound
From AnchorageTo Anchorage
Cold Bay$1.61$0.92
Dutch Harbor$1.84$1.04
King Salmon$0.98$0.74
Sand Point$1.61$0.92

Federal Excise Tax of 6.25% will be charged.                                                                          
General Minimum $35 + Tax*
No shipment will be accepted over 100 LBS.

***Fees subject to change

These Items are not Allowed at any Time

Due to federal law and safety regulations, Aleutian Airways will not accept the following items for shipment:

  • Hazardous materials. Federal law prohibits the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person. Many everyday products are considered hazardous under these regulations including but not limited to flammable substances, explosives, oxidizers, poisons, compressed gases, infectious agents and radioactive materials. Examples of specifically prohibited articles include aerosols, spray starch, fireworks, strike-anywhere matches, gasoline, lighter fluid, butane, pesticides, paint, scuba tanks, propane cylinders and loose lithium batteries.
  • Lithium batteries
  • Items containing lithium batteries
  • Live animals
  • Perishables
  • Articles of extreme value*
  • Human remains
  • Antlers

*ACCEPTANCE OF ARTICLES OF EXTRAORDINARY VALUE (A) Articles of extraordinary value include: antiques, works of art, bills of exchange/bonds/stocks/money/bullion/gold/silver/platinum/ precious metals/coins/currency/promissory notes, diamonds (natural or industrial), furs (except raw, unprocessed or unfinished), gems (cut or uncut), jewelry (other than costume), pearls (cultured/ivory), share coupons and stamps, travelers checks/securities, watches*, or any articles having a declared value for carriage of $450.00 or more per pound.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

  • Aleutian Airways will not be held responsible for cash, checks, money orders and all monetary instruments. All monetary instruments are at the shipper’s risk.
  • Names and phone numbers are required on all shipments and envelopes.
  • Aleutian Airways assumes no liability for fragile, valuable, or perishable items.
  • Shippers are required to declare the contents of their package or envelope

Requirements for Packing and Marking

  • Packaging must be capable of protecting a shipment from damage during regular handling. Any article susceptible to damage by ordinary handling or requiring special handling must have additional packaging protection and be labeled appropriately. The Company is not responsible for damage of items without outer packaging.
  • Shipments must be packaged so as to prevent injury to handlers, and damage to aircraft, baggage, or surrounding cargo. Items with sharp protrusions must be crated or boxed in a manner that prevents the protrusions from penetrating the packaging. Heavy items must have a stable base. The maximum weight for a single piece loaded in the cargo compartment of a Company aircraft is 100 pounds.
  • Any article susceptible to damage as a result of any condition that may be encountered in air transportation, such as high or low temperatures, high or low atmospheric pressures, or sudden changes in either must be adequately protected with proper packaging.