Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What aircraft is used for operations?

The SAAB 2000, which seats 41-50 passengers depending on configuration.

How many aircraft do you have and operate?

Our fleet currently has three Saab 2000s and will grow as we add additional routes.

Who owns Aleutian Airways?

Aleutian Airways, operated by Sterling Airways, is a joint venture between veteran airline investors and operators Wexford Capital and McKinley Alaska Private Investment, to answer the community’s need for airline service to the Aleutian Islands as well as other destinations throughout Alaska.

Who is Sterling Airways?

Sterling Airways is the airline certified by the Federal Aviation Authority and owned by Wexford Capital. 

What is your refund policy?

If purchasing a refundable fare, funds will be returned to the original form of payment provided the guest cancels a minimum of 40 minutes before scheduled departure. All other fares will be refunded as a credit provided the guest cancels a minimum of 40 minutes before scheduled departure. If the guest fails to show up for their flight or fails to cancel per the 40 minutes notification window, then no refunds or credits will be issued. To request a refund please use our online form.

What is your No Show Policy?

Any guest who has not shown up nor contacted Aleutian 40 minutes before scheduled departure will be considered a “no show” and is not eligible for any purchase credit or refund for that leg.

Where do I go for my flight out of Anchorage?

Please arrive at Ted Stevens International Airport and proceed to the Aleutian Airways’ ticket counter located on the upper level of the terminal, We recommend arriving at least two hours prior to departure but never later than one hour prior to departure. Flights depart from gates A15 and A17.

Does Aleutian Airways have a frequent flyer program?

We are planning to have our own Frequent Flyer Program in the future. 
We do have our Aleutian Club that provides unique benefits to Alaska residents regardless of frequency of travel with us.

How can I purchase tickets?

You may purchase your tickets through Aleutian Airlines website, or call our Call Center (833) 255-LINK or through your local travel agent, and other online travel agencies. 

What is your baggage policy?

All passengers are allowed one free personal item, up to 16 lbs., and one free checked bag for all Y fare reservations. Due to the weight and balance constraints, our priority is to carry customer’s first bag. We cannot guarantee transportation on the same flight for a second bag. Additional baggage may, however, be checked-in and accepted on a standby, space-available basis. You will be notified by Aleutian Airways about picking up standby baggage when it arrives. 

Do I have to pay for a bag?

If you booked Y fare, your first bag is included in the fare. A $40 baggage fee applies to your second checked bag and a $100 fee to the third bag and up. For all other fares, a $40 baggage fee applies to your first checked bag.
First bag is free for Aleutian Club members regardless of fare.

Do you offer charter flights?

Yes, we offer charter flights to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. Other destinations will include but are not restricted to Cold Bay, Sandpoint, King Salmon, and Dillingham.

What are the seating dimensions of your aircraft?

We aim to serve all customers by providing a safe and comfortable flight. We require the purchase of an additional seat for any customer who cannot comfortably fit within one seat with the armrests in the down position. Please call Aleutian Airways reservations at 1-907-600-7090 with questions or to book a second seat.

Will Aleutian Airways accept the 49club or Alaska Airlines signature credit card program benefits?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do so, those programs are exclusive to Alaska Airlines.

What is your pet policy?

We allow pets to be carried in the hold, with a maximum of two per flight. We also allow pets in the cabin. Both will have a fee of $95. Service animals are exempt from fees.

Does Aleutian Airways ship cargo?

Yes. We do accept cargo shipments for cities where we currently offer service. Packages are shipped space available and there are several items we cannot accept including Hazmat. Please see our cargo information for full details.

Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Questions

What have you done to ensure that Aleutian Airways and its SAAB 2000s can safely operate into and out of Dutch Harbor?

For our SAAB2000 operations into Dutch Harbor, in addition to hiring some of the most experienced Saab 2000 pilots familiar with operating to and from Dutch Harbor, our team worked closely with Saab, Rolls Royce, and its runway engineering and analysis partner AeroData, to ensure and validate that safe operations were possible for flights in and out of Tom Madsen Airport.

Will the Saab 2000 stop in either direction?

No, the Saab 2000 can safely operate in both directions without a technical stop to refuel. The Saab will be the fastest operating on the route.

What about our school/student travel requirements?

We will work closely with the School District and helping move the school’s sports teams.

What happens if I am ill and need to fly urgently?

We work with Iliuliuk Family and Health Services to identify those that qualify for urgent medical travel in times of peak travel, those that are stable patients who require travel for time-sensitive, urgent/emergent medical care outside of Unalaska.  This will be designed only for those cases where a patient has been evaluated by an IFHS provider (MD, DO, NP, PA, or CNM) and deemed appropriate for the program.  The program requires a signed waiver from IFHS and will not available purely upon patient or family member request.