Homer Operations Update 

Dear Homer Community,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve undergone relentless efforts to propose modifications to the Homer Airport construction plan. Our goal was to ensure the continuity of our operations for the community we so deeply care about. Our team worked tirelessly, communicating with the city council, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Department of Transportation (DOT) in both Alaska and Washington D.C., as well as the Governor’s and both Senators’ offices, in an attempt to find a viable solution that would allow us to maintain service during the construction period.

Many have wondered about the status of our operations, following the start of construction on April 1. To clarify, while we were aware that the runway would be reduced to half its width or 75 ft, it wasn’t until early March that specific dimensions showing a width of 50 ft were shared. This width is one third, not one half, of the current runway configuration which falls under our allowable operating parameters.

Upon learning this news, our team immediately went to work. From Alaska to D.C., we vigilantly lobbied for changes to the construction plan and awaited their answer, which we have just received: the runway width will remain at 50 ft through October. As previously stated by our general manager at the most recent city council meeting, to maintain safe operations the Saab 2000 requires a runway width of at least 75 ft. Therefore, with a heavy heart, we must announce the suspension of Saab 2000 service to Homer, beginning April 15.

All guests with bookings after this date will receive a full refund to facilitate alternative transportation arrangements. We extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support this past winter. It is devastating that despite our best efforts, we could not garner the necessary changes to maintain service at this time.

We remain committed to serving Homer and the beloved puffin will return. At that time, we hope to welcome you back.

Thank you once again,

Wayne Heller, President & CEO
Aleutian Airways